Katie Kirby

Bachelors Degree in Psychology

Masters Degree in Education

Certified Nonprofit Professional

Certified Trauma Professional


Dedicated professionals with a passion to serve our neighbors through youth programs!

Angel Hill

Bachelors in Psychology

Completed Masters Level

Coursework in Experimental Psychology

Trained in Restorative Practices


Erma Parrish

Bachelors Degree

Masters of Mental Health

Therapeutic Mentor


Luca Chiavacci

Patrick Kirby

Bachelors Degree in Communication

Masters Student at American University

10+ Years of Multi-Media Design and Communication Experience

Katie Kirby

Executive Director

Angel Hill

Director of Youth Development

Erma Parrish

Program Coordinator

Luca Chiavacci

Assistant Program


Patrick Kirby

Director of Communication

Allison Kirby

Director of Development

& STEM Education

Allison Kirby

Bachelors Degree in Marine Conservation

Masters Degree in Biology

Certified Environmental Educator