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As an organization, we work with some of the most marginalized children and families in our community. The children we serve live in survival mode. Every step we take is to ensure their safety and well-being first, then working towards goals and progress. No two days look the same in our organization because we strive to meet our children and families wherever they are.


We are incredibly excited to share the growth in impact we’ve had over the last couple of years. TWOI now serves over 700 children in varying capacities, which is no easy task when their struggles vary from academic failure, substance use and dependency, abuse and neglect, trauma, mental health, and poverty. We truly have our work cut out to make sure no child falls through the cracks!


This work just got a little bit brighter as we secured a new 4,000 square foot location to move all of our programs in to. With this new space we will not only continue to provide basic necessities (Good Stuff), one on one (Building Bridges) and group mentoring (Rise Up) for children and families, but we will add a group mentoring program for children ages 5-11 and restart our CORE program to provide children with access to recreational activities. TWOI’s new location will be a hub of services for our families. With bright colored walls and murals, room to meet with therapists and probation officers, space for recreation and room for learning, our children will have access to a space they deserve.


In order to make this new space one of a kind and fit to serve the gaps in services within our community, we need your help! Be apart of something huge and make a difference for local children and families, right here in Carroll County!




New programs being offered by Together We Own It for children and families.

Children served each week by new and existing programs.

Individuals impacted in one year by the resources provided in our new space.

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