The voices of Maryland children are not heard - we are motivated to change that. 

The Own It Out Loud Campaign exists to inspire positive change for children and youth impacted by trauma, physical abuse, neglect and foster care by contributing innovative solutions, facilitating collaboration, and promoting better conversations.

Since we launched the OutLoud Campaign in March 2019, we've been committed to working towards transforming the system. We are actively collecting data, reporting that data, speaking, advocating, cheering on our kids, and more. The challenges facing this system are complex, but by working together, one step at a time, we can make a difference for all children in Maryland.

Where We're Going With This

Phase 1

We are beginning this effort by collecting several months of data from children and families in order to better understand their experiences. We will gather letters and stories from children and allow them to make their voices heard. A core problem in Carroll County, MD is a lack of resources for children who have to be displaced from their home. We are seeking to understand what negative effects are associated when children are stripped from their support systems.

Phase 2

We will then turn our eyes towards the idea of creating policy change in the social sector. We believe that in order for change to really occur, we must make our voices heard from a macro level perspective. We want children and families to know how dedicated we are to the cause by taking their stories all the way to the top. 

Phase 3

We will then provide a solution to the problem, right here in Carroll County. By offering new services through partnerships and collaborations with strong community organizations, Together We Own It will stand by our local children and give them the opportunities they deserve to be successful, contributing citizens who feel loved and worthy of their wildest dreams.





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