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Together We Own It has an opportunity to dramatically increase the rate of youth success. We strive to be the link between children and family services within our county, and to be at the forefront of a movement to ensure every child has a voice and an opportunity to use it.

When youth advance from Together We Own It’s programs, they are prepared to move into the workforce, enter institutions of higher education, and thrive as independent adults. To support this potential, we must build upon the strengths of current resources and directly confront where there are weaknesses. 


The Dollars for Change Campaign is an initiative to support Together We Own It's expansion into an 11,000sqft location where we'll be able to provide additional resources for transition aged youth (18-24).


It is our vision to create a place for youth to be housed, have connection to critical resources that support independence, and feel valued right here in Carroll County, Maryland. Your investment in Together We Own It is an investment in our youth.