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About Us

We Engage & We Empower


How We Got Here

Together We Own It was founded to serve the needs of one Maryland child. After one year enrolled in our programs, this young girl gained confidence. She began to excel in school, learned tools to identify and cope with her feelings, and her family received the support they needed, as well.

Today, Together We Own It serves over 700 children, youth and families each year, primarily in Carroll County, Maryland. We strive to foster a sense of connection between youth and their community by connecting people and resources, mentoring, providing educational enrichment, and recreational empowerment. 

We've developed each of our programs in response to the needs of our community. If we help even one young person find opportunity & support we can say that we've been successful.


We will be informed and responsive to our community and volunteers by being widely available, accessible, and engaged.

Personal Growth

We help people reach for new opportunities and grow from where they are.


We will work tirelessly to ensure all members of our organization act collectively to promote the accomplishment of our mission. We will take responsibility for our actions and create clear and measurable goals and expectations. When deficiencies arise, we will act quickly to address the need and be proactive in finding a solution.


We believe in the intrinsic worth of everyone and that the community is richer when we value and embrace differences. We believe in maintaining a workplace culture where all members are part of the collective mission.

Our Board of Directors

Professionals Dedicated to Driving Our Mission Forward

Laura Meck, Chairman

Vice President, Services, Federal Civilian and Department of Defense at SAP

Michael Hanrahan, Treasurer

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

MJH Consulting, LLC

Kalpesh Patel, Member


Gourmet Wine and Spirits

Kristen Bates, Member

Executive Leader

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