By enrolling a child into our program you are advocating for the future of that child.  Together We Own It aims to bridge the gap by giving children the ability to experience life and reach their full potential through community relationships.  


Our Programs


Together We Own It's Big Little program is created to help children gain confidence

and form lifelong relationships.  If we all "OWN IT" then everyone benefits.

45% of children in America live in low-income families.  Poverty can obstruct children's

ability to learn and lead to social, emotional, and behavioral problems.  Together We

Own It commits to invest in children by pairing up appropriate mentors who are

able to provide extra care, academic help, and share social experiences with their mentee.  

Good Stuff Boxes

Our Good Stuff Boxes are filled to the brim with necessities.  From school uniforms to hygiene products, each box is packed full and shipped directly to the child in need.


Rise Up Community Center

Rise Up Community Center is a full service center opening in June 2018 serving youth ages 12-18 and their families in Westminster, MD. Our mission is to build stronger neighborhoods by empowering youth and families to become civically engaged and better educated by providing a safe space for them to learn and form positive relationships.   

​Together We Own It wants to give your school an Edge up!  We are a team of educators, entrepreneurs, and advocates who step into schools and ensure a connection between the classroom and the community.  By providing enrichment and discovery, students are able to guide their education and own their future. 


Together We Own It is is always Creating Opportunities for Recreational Empowerment!  We believe the impact of being on an organized sports team can be crucial for child development.  Youth find their place on a team, learn valuable skills, and gain confidence in themselves.  Together We Own It sponsors children enrolled in our CORE program to play the sport of their choice within their residential area.